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Bastion Brands help clients from a wide variety of industries to develop revered brands, emotional communications, high performing cultures and elite sales forces. Please click a logo below to view some examples.


With ever-rising bank profits and customer sentiment at an all time low, it was time for CUA to step up and shout about what makes them unique and relevant. Most customers would be hard pressed to identify CUA or know that it’s more than a small credit union, with over half a million customers and products that compete with the big four banks. CUA wanted to be on every ‘list’ when it came to people considering banks, loan products and everyday financial services.

In a post-GFC market, and on the back of the Occupy Wall street movement, CUA needed to act quickly and loudly to explain their brand and proposition.

Brand Essence 
“Not one single person should ever feel like they don’t matter. Even in banking.”

Communications Platform
“People matter.”
This is the essence of what CUA want to represent in every dealing they have.

Before adopting the brand position and integrating this across the business, targeted product and offer campaigns were launched to bring the CUA brand to life and begin to shift perceptions. Customer-facing product campaigns show aspects of the concept ‘people matter’ and build an increase in brand awareness. The idea of invisibility in the face of other banks and products is brought to life, and the desire to be seen resonates with all customers. It’s a territory only CUA can own and, using creative and witty visual representations, creates cut-through and impact.

Advertising campaign with “we see you” at its heart to drive Home Loan products. Includes: posters, standees and DL flyers in branch; television commercial screened Feb/Mar/Apr and in cinemas in March; online display advertising and home page takeover; internal awareness and engagement campaign. Saw an increase in brand awareness from 36% to 49%, and most successful period of home loan applications in the last 4 years.

Bastion Brands helped achieve:

  • 5 YrsHighest Mortgage Apps
  • EffectiveBrand Campaign
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What we stand for


Why We Exist.

At Bastion Brands, we work on the basis that 90% of buying decisions are based on emotion. Our hearts rule our heads, whether we like it or not. And we have learned that the most powerful way to engage consumer emotions is by telling them stories they want to hear.

We create stories that are articulated through our branding work, internal cultural engagement, marketing communications and through our flagship proprietary tool, The Art of Storytelling™. We exist to tell your story clearly, passionately and compellingly.


What Are We?

We are a brand consultancy that develops strategies based on emotional insights and emotional learnings, to engage effectively with customers and drive increased revenues.


How Do We Do It?

At Bastion, we start by helping our clients gain a deeper understanding of the emotions that motivate their customers. These become the foundation of branding and communication programs that help our clients’ brands become revered in the marketplace, delivering significant competitive advantage.


Our Story

Emotion is the most powerful force in the world. Frankly, it’s the reason why most of us do anything. We crave happiness, inspiration, desire, laughter, tears – anything that helps us feel truly alive.

Not surprisingly, emotion can also be one of the world’s most persuasive sales tools. 90% of all purchase decisions we make are based on emotion and then justified by a product or service’s features and benefits.

At Bastion Brands, we know emotion is the most powerful way to engage people. When you connect emotionally, you’re not simply selling a product or service, but creating passionate advocates for your brand. By speaking to the heart, not the head, you produce true believers.

And with true insight comes astounding results. You can create exceptionally engaging communications, profoundly change cultures, and utterly inspire sales teams. You have the ability to build a brand that touches at the heart of our existence.

We are all emotional beings. At Bastion Brands, we can harness that depth of feeling to change the way the world sees your brand. Together, we can forge powerful emotional bonds that transform a mere product into a brand that inspires, motivates and, above all, is loved.

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At Bastion Brands, our approach to healthcare is simple. We create insight-led, cut through communications that are reinforced by solid research. We collaborate with our clients and their consumers to ensure that what we’re saying reaches the right people, with the right message, at the right time.


What’s important to remember is that Health Care Professionals and their patients are people just like us, basing 90% of their decision-making on emotion. They may point to the features, benefits and science of the product or service on offer, but it’s usually post-rationalisation only.


We work with many pharmaceutical brands on activities that range from branding, sales force training and conferences, all the way through to fully integrated advertising and marketing campaigns. We’re not just another agency. Our work is all about achieving real commercial outcomes. We mix consulting and creativity to achieve real results.


However, we know getting the ‘science part’ right is critical in healthcare communications. The Bastion Brands team are fully trained in the medical code and our medical writers are best in breed. Refer to the Expertise above for details on our service offerings.


Bastion utilises emotional insights, with scientific facts to create more effective communication and build brands

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