Medical Education Reimagined: Introducing Bastion Brands’ Interactive Patient Case Studies

Issue 2 2018

"Medical Education Reimagined: Introducing Bastion Brands’ Interactive Patient Case Studies"

New from Bastion Brands: Interactive Patient Case Studies and Peer-to-Peer Learning in Medical Education.

With an emphasis on peer-to-peer learning, Bastion Brands’ innovative Interactive Patient Case Studies are putting conference attendees in the driver’s seat, taking audience engagement levels and learning outcomes to new heights.

Imagine you’re at a medical education conference for a groundbreaking new treatment. The lights dim, and an audible cough pierces the air. Imagine looking up to find that, instead of a key speaker, a 16-year-old boy with shaggy hair and faded jumper were on stage. A patient. Imagine the emotion in his voice as he shares his family’s medical history. Then imagine being asked to turn to the people around you, and work with them as a team to decide on how to best incorporate this new treatment into his current regimen. Imagine then that your decision-making would determine how the rest of the conference – and the rest of his life – would unfold.

First launched in 2017, Bastion Brands’ Interactive Patient Case Studies represent a new and exciting era in medical education, where conference attendees are empowered to facilitate their own learning, and where ‘the patient’ takes centre stage to share their story first-hand.

‘Branching Logic’ lets Doctors Decide

Unlike conventional case study formats, Bastion’s Interactive Patient Case Studies are based on branch or ‘skip’ logic to mirror the real life diagnostic journey. At key points in the case study, teams of conference attendees vote by group consensus the next step to take, and watch the consequences unfold.

Virtual Patient Mannequins

Bastion Brands’ ultra-real Virtual Patient Mannequins lift traditional case studies off the page, bringing realism into the room.

Any age, any race: Bastion Brand’s “Virtual Patients” are crafted to reflect real life patients, warts and all…”


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