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Pulse Alert: Bastion Brands Announced Dual Finalist Prime Awards 2016

You know what they say – good things come in twos. Or at least they have this month at Bastion Brands, when on August 1st we were announced as dual finalist at the annual Prime Awards, a celebrated platform for showcasing excellence in innovation within Australia’s healthcare and pharma industry.

After years of championing emotional branding in the data-driven pharma space, our Melbourne and Sydney-based agency scored a 2016 finalist gong for ‘Best Public Health Initiative’ for our work at the 2016 Australian Open of Surfing with the ‘Beard Season Skin Check Tent’

The initiative was inspired by This Is Beard Season,  a socially active charity committed to reducing our sun-loving nation’s melanoma-related death toll. Our idea platform was simple: If you can’t get the beach to the clinic, bring the clinic to the beach. With support from Novartis Pharmaceuticals and Spotscreen Australia we successfully overcame the lethargic attitude of beach-goers by holding a pop-up skin check tent at the Australian Open of Surfing. The results were at once humbling and inspiring, with 4 potentially life-altering lesions detected amongst a myriad of skin conditions requiring urgent clinical attention.

Our second finalist nomination was for ‘Best Single Advertisement’ for our pharma-to-doctor print work with Gilead, a brand known for its commitment to innovation and advancing the cause for a cure for HIV. By combining powerful imagery and a cut-through message with our specialist knowledge of the niche target demographic, we succeeded in reaching HCPs on a human level to provoke thought, spark conversation and promote a new course of action.

As Managing Director, I couldn’t be prouder of the passion and energy our team invested into these projects, the dedication shown from our clients to advancing their cause – and the potentially life-changing difference we may have made for the people they are committed to helping.

The Prime Awards take place on 15th September 2016, and are independently organised and administered by Cirrus Media, the publishers of Australian Doctor, Medical Observer, 6minutes, Pharmacy News and Specialist Updates, together with volunteers from the Australian pharma industry.

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