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Pulse: The Year Bravery Drove Results

There’s doing what’s expected, and there’s doing what’s needed.

From sharing new perspectives to challenging the status quo on social, 2016 was the year healthcare brands proved they’re ready to do things differently to make a difference. To wrap up the Bastion Brands Pulse series for 2016, here are the top three moments of bravery in healthcare that took many by surprise, and world by storm.

1. ‘Manboobs’

Yes, you read that correctly. In 2016, MACMA an Argentinian Breat Cancer charity, defined convention and fuelled passionate debate about Instagram and Facebook’s highly critiqued female nipple consorship policies with their jaw-dropping self-breast exam video campaign featuring none other than an amply-bossomed man.

With 48 million views and 700 social media shares in its first week, ‘Manboobs’ took home the Cannes Lions Health ‘Grand Prix for Good’. Check it out in full here.

2. #GetYourSkinOut

In a society obsessed with physical perfection, the bravest and most revolutionary act for a person suffering from a visable skin condition is to simply show up and demand to be seen.

After years of intrusive questioning about her condition from friends and strangers alike, UK psoriasis patient turned health campaigner Holly Dillon teamed up with revered photographer Lewis Khan to capture what it meant to feel comfortable in her own skin.

In the lead up to Psoriasis Awareness Week 2015, Dillon’s #GetYourSkinOut Instagram campaign stole the social media spotlight with portraits chronicling everyday experiences of the often debilitating, socially isolating condition. By daring to bare, Dillon and her fellow patients not only built a powerful online patient community, but showed the world that Instagram is for everybody.

3. Beard Season Skin Check

With one Australian life lost to melanoma every six hours,  we knew we needed to deliver a reality check to lethargic beach-goers about the dangers of melanoma before it was too late.

In 2016, Bastion Brands teamed up with Spotscreen Australia and one-man charity This is Beard Season to show sun-loving Aussies just how quick, easy and critical it is to get their skin checked with a Novartis Australia-supported pop-up skin check clinic at the Aus Open of Surfing.

#BeardSeasonSkinCheck reached over 100,000 people, from Australian surf legend Tommy Carroll to Virgin mogul Richard Branson.

Most importantly, the initiative potentially saved lives– with 116 people checked over 3 days, resulting in the detection of 30 suspicious lesions and 4 suspected melanomas. Discover the full story here.

This year, ‘bravery’ took on a whole new meaning, from facing a disease head-on and daring to live life to the full, to being unapologetic about trying something new, and unafraid of the successes that follows.

And for healthcare brands and the people who work with them, it means striving for bigger, better and greater for the patients who need us most.


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