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Pulse: What happens when science and emotion collide?

We all make decisions differently, for different reasons.

Some of us are led by the head, while others are led by the heart. But what’s true for all of us, is that every time we are faced with a choice, big or small, we weigh up the rational and emotional arguments to come to a conclusion that feels right. And good.

It’s tempting to assume the world of science and healthcare is led purely by rational decision making – after all, we are in the business of data. But when you dig a little deeper this is often not the case. Why?

Because not all data is created equal. And even specialist audiences can be left drowning in the volume and complexity of information – looking for a life raft that offers a logical and evidenced argument, wrapped up in way that allows it to cut through the noise and ultimately, hit home.

It’s a challenge we wrestle with every time we sink our teeth into a new brief or therapy area – and we love it.

At Bastion Brands we understand and value both the rational and emotional sides to decision making. That’s why we know that success in healthcare doesn’t come from one or the other – it comes from that elusive ‘sweet spot’ somewhere in-between, where science and emotion collide.

With expertise in both science and emotionally-driven creative, we’re able to offer our clients a solution that reflects the magnitude of a new treatment or technology, in a way that speaks to the human truths experienced by the patients and prescribers whose lives are touched by it.


Simon Davies

Managing Director
Bastion Brands

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