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Adapt Partners


Few industries are as competitive as recruitment, so when the team from ADAPT asked us to help them stand out from the crowd, we knew we had our work cut out.

A rapidly growing executive recruitment and human resource consultancy, ADAPT knew – that at their core – they were all about people. What they needed was help bringing this belief to life.


Using Bastion Brands’ established process of Stand, Story, Strategy, we worked with ADAPT to help them articulate their point of difference. Getting to the bottom of what made them tick and why they loved their business. These insights gave us the creative fuel we needed to produce a new brand that truly reflected the way the ADAPT team saw themselves and their company.

Armed with this powerful new brand, it was simply a case of implementing it across the business’ collateral, including a new website – supported with a photoshoot – brand bible, and a long list of exciting template!


Dave Storey – Founder & Director, ADAPT

“The Bastion Brands team took the time to really understand what we’re about as a business – they were real, informative and directed us on an exciting journey from start to finish. This made the whole experience smooth, enjoyable and above all they completely met the brief and requirements at ADAPT. Our aim was to achieve a new brand, look and feel which we own and which speaks to who we are, and that the whole team is proud of as we move forwards to create positive change. I highly recommend Bastion Brands as a true partner”.


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