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Melanoma Beach Screening - Pilot


THIS IS BEARD SEASON is a socially active charity whose sole aim is to spread the message of regular skin checks to combat melanoma; a preventable condition that tragically claims one life every six hours in Australia alone. There are numerous bodies that help the awareness and detection of melanoma, however the biggest insight is lethargy – “I don’t have time to get a skin check.” THIS IS BEARD SEASON needed to address this issue in a big way with minimal funds.


Our strategy was simple; ‘if you can’t get the beach to the clinic, bring the clinic to the beach.’ We facilitated a partnership with the Australian Open of Surfing at Manly Beach. THIS IS BEARD SEASON, supported by Novartis Australia held a unique skin check tent, with educational collateral, promotional material, and importantly qualified professionals to carry out free skin checks at the event over 3 full days.


The social reach was huge – with celebrities like surf champion Tommy Carroll adding their name and getting a #BEARDSEASONSKINCHECK, socially we reached over 100,000 people, with more than 730,000 impressions. During the 3 days, 116 people were checked, of those approximately 30 suspicious lesions were found and 4 suspected melanomas. Importantly, we are hoping that we have potentially saved lives with this powerful initiative – one of many to come.


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