Bastion Brands


Brand Repositioning


With tipping numbers and online user experience ratings starting to stagnate, digital tipping platform ESPNfootytips needed to take drastic action to better understand its audience and hold its ground at the top the ladder in our sporting nation’s burgeoning tipping market.


Uncovering the problem: Bastion Brands launched a comprehensive diagnostic analysis starting with our biggest stakeholder survey campaign to date. Over 50,000 responses and emotional insights were captured from internal and external stakeholders, key of which was the everyday user’s desire for ‘community’ and ‘fun, friendly competition’. A unifying stance was developed: Going forward, ESPNfootytips would be ‘Making Sport Fun for Everyone’ – and own a unique space in the minds of users distinct from its gambling-focused competitors. A set of strategic recommendations were developed for a site overhaul in a bid to translate ESPNfootytips newly established stance into a seamless, rewarding and ultimately, ‘fun’ online experience.


A winning solution: Within just 6 months, ESPNfootytips welcomed a staggering 90,000 new tippers to the site, a 13% spike in individual tipping activity, and saw the highest percentage of punters tipping all the way up to round 11 than ever before.

“Bastion Brands delivered a powerful idea platform that everyone in our team can get behind. We now use our brand essence for every marketing activity knowing what we stand for and why – and our diverse online community is loving us for it.’’

John Web, Marketing Manager & IMS, ESPN Australia & NZ