Bastion Brands

Olympus 4K & 3D Platforms

A New Dimension Of Big Screen Surgery


With competition on the rise, surgical imaging pioneer Olympus Medical needed a clear and engaging way to launch its innovative 3D and 4K surgical imaging platform in the Asia Pacific market.


Bastion Brands brought a new era of Big Screen Surgery to life with a sales video shot in 4K. In high-definition, we captured a stunning portrayal of a surgeon’s need for precision and agility of choice across a spectrum of laparoscopic and open surgeries. To accompany the video, our strategy team created a sales education piece, highlighting the cutting–edge technological advancement that would give surgeons the spectrum of choice they need in high-pressure environments, as well as the value proposition offered to purchasers.


Launched in the Asia Pacific markets in late 2016, Olympus Medical’s 3D and 4K surgical imaging package is on the road to sales success.


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