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Building brand awareness one happy home at a time


Vitapet is a leading supplier of pet accessories and products within the New Zealand and Australian markets. Despite this success, the brand was tracking at a very low level of unaided brand awareness in a highly competitive market. Suffice to say, the brand had an ‘itch to scratch!’


In pet care, broadly speaking there are two types of consumers – Pet Passionate’s and Pet Pragmatist’s. Vitapet was focused on the latter. Our research showed a key insight was Easy Pet Care = a Happy Home. Vitapet makes it troublefree, therefore alleviating the fears and frustrations, and addressing key desires of making it easy. We created a unified brand belief for Vitapet and a communications platform based on the idea that Vitapet can ‘Make your life as easy as theirs.’ Anyone who has a pet understands the notion, that at one time or another, they wished they had the life of their pet. Through this key insight and the use of humour we developed a campaign based off of a powerful unified belief.


Through our integrated campaign, we were able to increase unaided brand awareness and ultimately achieve an uplift in sales.


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