APP Review: Top 3 Trends to Maximise HCP Delegate Engagement

Pulse Issue 3 2024

"APP Review: Top 3 Trends to Maximise HCP Delegate Engagement"

As the pharmaceutical industry continues to evolve, engaging pharmacists effectively at conferences like the Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference (APP) on the Gold Coast becomes increasingly vital to communicating medical information about products and therapies.

To stand out in a bustling conference environment, it’s crucial to employ innovative engagement strategies to resonate with pharmacists with impact. Here’s a breakdown of the best methods observed at APP:

  1. Interactive Engagement: Companies like Kenvue, Bayer, and BD Rowa showcased the power of interactive experiences to captivate pharmacists. Whether through creative photo booths, engaging computer games, or live product demonstrations with automation robots, these interactive elements attracted attention and facilitated meaningful interactions. By allowing pharmacists to actively participate and experience the brand, companies were able to convey complex medical information in an engaging, memorable manner.
  2. Relaxation and Support Engagement: Recognizing the demands on conference attendees, companies like Sanofi and Haleon offered relaxation and support amenities such as massage chairs and on-site masseuses. Providing a space for pharmacists to unwind and recharge not only enhanced their overall conference experience but also fostered a positive association with the brand. These thoughtful gestures demonstrated a commitment to attendee well-being beyond product promotion.

  3. Sampling and Giveaways: While traditional sampling may be limited for prescription medicines and medical devices, creative approaches can still drive engagement. Moo Goo’s spinning wheel and Procter & Gamble’s quadrant-designed stand leveraged interactive sampling methods to draw in pharmacists and initiate conversations. By offering tangible samples and personalized experiences, companies effectively showcased their products while eliciting valuable feedback from delegates.

However, amidst these successful engagement strategies, certain pitfalls were evident:

  • Passive Representatives: Stand representatives who appeared disengaged or preoccupied hindered effective communication. To maximize engagement, companies must ensure staff is not only knowledgeable but also proactive in initiating conversations with delegates.
  • Lack of Stand Appeal: Stand designs lacking a compelling hook failed to capture the attention of passing pharmacists. To avoid being overlooked, companies should invest in visually striking displays and interactive elements that prompt curiosity and encourage interaction.

In summary, effective engagement at conferences like APP requires a multifaceted approach that prioritizes interactivity, attendee well-being, and meaningful interactions.

By incorporating elements of interactive engagement, relaxation amenities, and creative sampling techniques, pharmaceutical companies can create memorable experiences that resonate with pharmacists long after the conference concludes. Furthermore, ensuring that stand representatives are actively engaged and that stand designs are visually captivating will maximize the impact of these strategies.

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