Be Live

Pulse Issue 5 2022

"Be Live"

Top 5 ways to ‘BE LIVE’ in your marketing.

Bastion Brands has just released results from its third annual survey of Pharma marketing professionals identifying key trends, opportunities, and threats to marketing success.

The findings identified 10 key actions for Pharma marketers to focus on in 2023. Some seem obvious: others may raise a few eyebrows.

A key trend from respondents was to re-embrace the notion to ‘BE LIVE; the ability to efficiently use face-to-face interaction as a means through which we learn, share, communicate and build relationships.

Undeniably, our reliance on the virtual world sky-rocketed during COVID-19 with online communications replacing face-to-face interactions. More recently, the Bastion survey has identified that this ‘rise of the zoom call’ trend is dwindling in the eyes of Pharma marketers, as most survey respondents have now reverted to the ‘old ways’.

This shift has placed face-to-face as a top priority for effective marketing and is a crucial key to success. From our survey results, live events including conferences, educational events, and face-to-face discussions were listed as the most effective tactical activities undertaken within the past six months.

Here’s a quick snapshot of ways to ‘BE LIVE’ and ensure more face-to-face interactions with HCPs?

1: Conferences

The reopening of the traditional conference, in some cases, has been celebrated as a huge milestone. It’s not just the ‘familiarity’ of events and a chance to showcase data and new products, but also the networking opportunities they bring.


2: Live events

While COVID put a hold on these – and the rise of the webinar swept the industry – the live event is now back. Many respondents said these would become a focus of their marketing, with smaller, more intimate meetings planned for short and long term.


3: Lunch/Dinners

A more intimate, highly targeted approach that many marketers are employing is the group lunch or dinner presentations that ensure the right people are connecting with your marketing. And while they may prove to be a harder event to convince attendance, the rewards are highly regarded.


4: Sales rep calls

Having sales teams back on the road was a huge benefit for many respondents who said their teams were, in many cases, ‘welcomed back’ in a big way. The personal interconnectivity was and always will be a vital part of marketing. As one survey respondent highlighted, ‘[It’s] easier to convey value or message when in a face-to-face meeting with a good relationship with [the] customer.’


5: Internal conferences

This was of particularly high appeal to many respondents. The need to create a strong culture based on real, rather than virtual, interaction was seen as absolutely vital to success. Large investments were, and continue to be, made to ensure the team is aligned on key messages, selling techniques, presentation of marketing collateral, and team bonding exercises to build stronger relationships at the grass roots levels.


These are the Top 5 ways that you can ‘BE LIVE’ as much as possible, an approach now being embraced by key marketers in Australia.

What are some of the ways your business is BEING LIVE?

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