Medical Education the Most Effective Marketing tactic for 2024

Pulse Issue 4 2024

"Medical Education the Most Effective Marketing tactic for 2024"

2023/24 Pharmaceutical Trends Research

Medical Education was ranked by Australia’s leading pharma marketers as the most effective marketing tactic for 2024 – the stand-out performer in a sector where marketing cut-through and effectiveness are seen as the biggest challenge to sales performance.

More than 80% of the 39 marketing executive respondents from 14 pharmaceutical companies who participated in the Bastion Brands 2024 Pharmaceutical Marketing Trends research project saw Medical Education as ‘very important’ or ‘critical’ to 2024 marketing success.

Most agreed they planned to invest considerably more budget on Medical Education in 2024, encouraged to do so by ‘resounding customer feedback’ and Medical Education’s ability to differentiate brands more sharply with specialists.

The most effective Medical Education activities were seen as:

  • Advisory Boards to gain first-person insights into specific medical needs (Agenda development, facilitation and minutes).
  • Conference Symposia to amplify the voice of KOLs and influence the broader understanding of the market (Design, Interactive media, workshop, speaker briefing and management).
  • Medical education program design and education materials.
  • Medically lead omnichannel HCP engagement.

How we approach Medical Education at Bastion:

At Bastion Brands we recognize the pressing need for transformative change in the way medical education is delivered within the pharmaceutical sector. Traditional approaches often fall short in meeting the evolving needs of healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients.

They are falling short for 3 core reasons:

  • A lack of innovation,
  • Insufficient focus on patient-centricity,
  • and a reluctance to embrace the power of data and digital technologies for personalized engagement.

In response to these challenges, Bastion Brand’s approach to Medical Education is to directly focus on the evolving needs of the HCP.

Our agency is pioneering a new paradigm in medical education delivery – one that places patients at the heart of the HCP learning experience and leverages data and digital tools to provide targeted and personalized engagement for HCPs.

Patient-centric education

Central to our approach is a shift towards patient-centric education. We know that HCPs are not just treating diseases; they are caring for individuals with unique needs, preferences, and experiences.

By incorporating patient narratives, real-world case studies, and insights from patient advocacy groups into our educational content, we aim to foster empathy, understanding, and a holistic approach to patient care.

Data and Digital Technologies

We recognize the immense potential of data and digital technologies to revolutionize HCP engagement.

Through advanced analytics, we gain deep insights into HCPs’ preferences, behaviour patterns, and educational needs, allowing us to tailor our educational interventions with unprecedented precision. From targeted email campaigns and interactive e-learning modules to virtual peer-to-peer discussions and mobile applications, we deploy a diverse array of digital tools to deliver personalized educational experiences that resonate with each HCP’s unique interests and learning style.

Embracing Change

Despite the immense opportunities afforded by data and digital technologies, many in the pharmaceutical industry remain hesitant to fully embrace these transformative forces.

We see it as our mission to champion a culture of innovation and digital advancement within the industry, empowering stakeholders to harness the full potential of these technologies to drive positive outcomes for patients and healthcare providers alike.

Our approach to medical education is not just about disseminating information; it’s about embracing a broader cultural shift towards patient-centricity and data-driven engagement.

By challenging conventional norms and embracing innovation, we strive to lead the way towards a future where every educational interaction is targeted, personalized, and ultimately, more impactful for patients and HCPs alike.

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