In Pharma, Success Starts with SSS

Issue 3 2017

"In Pharma, Success Starts with SSS"

In an industry fraught with complications, regulations and life-impacting decisions, ‘simplicity’ is an underrated virtue.

So while many marketers tend to get caught up in engaging the latest tactics (or gimmicks, as is sometimes the case), experience tells me that, every once in a while, it pays to get back to basics. To distill what it is you offer people beyond the all-important safety and efficacy data, and simplify their spectrum of choice.

At Bastion Brands, we understand that decision-making in healthcare is often an inexplicable collision of science and emotion. So we’ve harnessed it to deliver a simple formula for creating strong, healthy pharma brands from the inside out. Giving them the unshakeable platform they need to develop strong, healthy relationships with the people that matter most, from internal sales teams and doctors to the patients in their care.

It all starts with ‘SSS’ – Stand, Story, Strategy.

What does your brand Stand for?

Whether you know it or not, your brand has a unique ‘reason for being’. An intrinsic motivator that gets you out of bed in the morning, and underpins everything you and your team do, every day.
To find it takes time, teamwork and maybe even a few arguments. But when you do, it’s truly transformative.

What’s your Story?

Your brand started somewhere to get where it is today. In healthcare, that place very likely came from a desire to help people in need. Crafting a story that encapsulates your unique reason for being, and tells the journey from where you began to where you are today serves not only as a written reminder of where you came from, but an emotionally compelling reason for people to believe you when you tell them where you’re headed in future.

What’s your Strategy?

In the fast-moving world of healthcare, it’s critical to have a detailed understanding of your brand’s positioning in the market. Mapping out your brand’s strategy, from channel and media selection to recruitment and talent selection efforts, becomes all the more meaningful when based on a shared belief in what your brand stands for and why.

In an industry where people are fighting their way through complex information to make what can ultimately be life-changing decisions, your brand must simplify their spectrum of choice by being clear not only on what you ‘sell’, but what you stand for. By telling a unique story with conviction. And by doing what it does best even better, with a smart, measurable strategy. Simple.


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