Yes, We Cannes!

Issue 4 2017

"Yes, We Cannes!"

Science and creativity collided with explosive results at Cannes Lions Health 2017, the world’s most celebrated platform for creative bravery in healthcare communications.

Taking home the coveted Cannes Lions Grand Prix for Good was ‘Immunity Charm’, a campaign dedicated to helping Afghani HCPs keep tabs on a child’s immunisation history. The Ministry of Public Health’s campaign took inspiration from a traditional Afghani cultural practice of protecting children from curses through charm bracelets, making immunisation a new, life-saving tradition in a nation where infant mortality is a tragic (yet often preventable) reality. Check it out here.

Taking home a Gold Lion was Brazil’s VR Vaccine, the nurse-administered virtual reality experience placing soon-to-be vaccinated children at the centre of an immersive adventure, transforming a moment of pain into a moment of fun. Experience it for yourself here.

Another tech-driven campaign that caught our agency’s eye was Chinese web company Baidu’s ‘Know You Again’. Supported by Alzheimer’s Disease China, the campaign fused AI technology with infrared sensors and an image stabilising camera to create a pair of glasses that showed Alzheimer’s patients who’s who in their line of vision, and ultimately help them see that they’re not alone here.

By bringing science to life with the power of human emotion, this years’ Cannes Lions winners were a perfect demonstration of our collective ability to not only engage in ground-breaking creativity, but to use it as as a driving force for business, for change and for good.

Find the full list of Cannes Health gong-getters here.


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