Simon Davies talks Men’s Health Marketing at Mumbrella’s Health and Wellness Summit, 2017

Issue 6 2017

"Simon Davies talks Men’s Health Marketing at Mumbrella’s Health and Wellness Summit, 2017"

“Australian men aren’t exactly lining up to see their GPs, but health marketers can meet their communications objectives if they’re willing to meet them halfway,” writes Simon Davies.

Sorry guys, but the stereotype stands: While women are diligent as ever about their healthcare needs, men still can’t seem to find the time (or the courage) to get down to the doctor. So, what gives? And what can healthcare marketers do to ensure their messages get through?

This week, I had the privilege of presenting on this very topic at Mumbrella’s Health & Wellness Marketing Summit, and sharing few things I’ve learned over the years about making a direct connection with ‘doc dodging’ men and communicating the benefits of your brand with us – even when we’re nowhere to be seen…

1.      Meet us in the middle

When 22% of men ‘don’t have time’ to get to the GP, it might just be time to bring the ‘GP’ to us. Healthcare services that reach men in their natural habitat (such as This is Beard Season’s pop-up skin cancer clinic at the Australian Open of Surfing) or direct to their door (like Bowel Cancer Australia’s home testing kit) are two ways healthcare brands have done just that, with great success.

2.      Get technical with us

Mobile technology brings a world of information to our fingertips. Crafting mobile-friendly communications provides men with preliminary avenues to explore their health concerns in a way that’s both personal and private.

3.      Tell us a joke  

There’s nothing like a good laugh to break the ice and build affinity. While many healthcare brands are on the side of caution in this area, a little humour, when used appropriately, can help men get comfortable about talking to doctors about our bodies.

4.    Don’t forget the ‘emotion’

At Bastion Brands we believe the most effective communication is when
‘science’ and ‘emotion’ collide. Presenting men with the scientific data behind what you’re selling and an emotionally compelling ‘why’ for buying, from their own quality of life to that of their loved ones, has the power to influence men’s decision-making – and maybe even get us to start taking better care of ourselves.

For more information about Mumbrella’s Health & Wellness Marketing Summit 2017, including the full list of speakers head to Mumbrella Health & Wellness.


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