Let’s Get Visual

Issue 7 2017

"Let’s Get Visual"

Harnessing The Power of Visual Communications in Healthcare

Visual communications have the potential to convey complex information and ideas quickly and simply in ways that charts, graphs (and even copy) cannot. So why are so many still getting it wrong? Here are just a few examples of healthcare brands that are doing it right, with print ads that get their message across loud and clear (while barely saying a thing):

For World Cancer Day, Brazilian agency Filadelfia Comunicacao released a series of print ads featuring a game of dominos, each forming a silhouette of a vital organ. With their almost silent headlines, the ads gifted its audience the quiet thrill of connecting the dots and completing the story for themselves. Take a look for yourself here.

In a world where time (and attention spans) are limited, visual communications have the power to bring the science of your brand to life and connect with an audience quicker and more simply than words alone.

Life is precious, and so are the organs that sustain it. In 2016, The Argentine Transplant Foundation crafted human organs from ordinary household garbage bags to compel Argentinians to sign up as organ donors, and ensure their most precious parts weren’t going to waste. Check it out here.

The common cold can weigh heavy on our day to day lives. In this stunning print series, Sudafed dramatised the patient experience in a unique, memorable and approvable way.


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