Medical Education and Communications With A Difference

Issue 8 2017

"Medical Education and Communications With A Difference"

At Bastion Brands, ‘Where Science and Emotion Collides’ is more than a mantra.

Whether we’re pitching for business with a new client or starting a new phase in an always-on campaign, we consistently challenge ourselves to get to the ‘emotion’ behind the education, or the ‘compelling’ behind the communication. Because only here can our clients connect with their audiences on an emotional level, get more from their investments and create meaningful change in Australian healthcare.
For years we’ve offered our clients all of the standard services you’d expect from a medical education and communications team. But there a few services, or ‘star attractions’, we’re particularly proud of…

Digital market research

Do you feel like you should be building a website, producing video content and advertising online, but don’t know where to start?

At Bastion Brands we offer a digital market research methodology designed specifically for the healthcare industry to help our clients generate evidence-based digital strategies and measure the impact of their investments.

KSM development

Are you saying the best things you can about your product? Are you saying them consistently across all of your commercial touchpoints?

Our KSM development process involves you and your product stakeholders from the start. Together, we formalise a set of key selling messages that combine the science and ‘emotion’ of your product, that you can be proud to shout from the rooftops.

Interactive education

Could your educational events do with a facelift? Or perhaps you’re looking to make your mark (or a showstopping debut) in the educational arena?

At Bastion Brands, we have pioneered an Australian first, using the latest in virtual mannequin technology to bring patient case studies to life – facilitating interactive education and peer to peer learning along the way.

KOL mapping

Do you know who’s driving opinion in your therapy area? Perhaps you’re launching a new product or you suddenly have a new indication on your hands?

At Bastion Brands we offer a key opinion leader, or KOL, mapping methodology that gives you and your team an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of the people driving opinion in your therapy area/s.


We are always interested in hearing from great people dedicated to making a career in pharmaceutical communications. If you’re ready to make a positive impact with Bastion Brands, get in touch today.