How Scientific Is Your Digital Strategy?

Issue 10 2018

"How Scientific Is Your Digital Strategy?"

Introducing a Scientific Approach to Digital Communications

In our digital age, collecting detailed insights into how healthcare professionals behave online is a critical starting point in developing a truly evidence-based digital strategy – a strategy that sees you investing in the right digital projects at the right time, for maximum impact.

From Bastion Brands’ digital team, here are three ways healthcare marketers can apply a more scientific approach to their digital communications strategies in the new year.

1. Understand your audience

How do healthcare professionals really behave online? From search terms to Twitter mentions, sophisticated social listening software can now help marketers deliver critical insights into your audience’s behaviour and information exposure.

2. Understand the digital environment

The digital world is ever-evolving, so a real-time understanding of where your treatment sits in the context of its competitors is nothing short of critical.

3. Understand the conversation (and know who’s leading it)

Every minute of every day, conversations are happening about your therapy area, and your treatment. Understanding the tone and scale of each conversation taking place, as well as who your Key Social Opinion Leaders are, may sound out of reach. But the Bastion Brands Digital Landscape process makes this critical information easily accessible, allowing it to act as a starting point for proactive management of the online conversation.


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