The Best of the Best: Unpacking The Top Trends from Cannes Lions Health, 2018

Issue 6 2018

"The Best of the Best: Unpacking The Top Trends from Cannes Lions Health, 2018"

Six days into Cannes Lions festival, Bastion Brands MD Simon Davies’ is ready to share his inside perspective on the future of healthcare marketing

What trends will shape healthcare marketing in 2018 and beyond? What can healthcare marketers do to help their brands stand out from the crowd? And what can we all do differently this year to make an even bigger difference for people living with debilitating medical conditions, or disease?

This year, I wanted to find out first-hand. So I packed my bags and joined the masses for the 64th annual Cannes Lions Health festival, known by many as the worlds most celebrated platform for life-changing creativity.

From Cannes, France, here are three ways healthcare brands are leading the way this year.

1. Patients Are Expecting More From Us

With a world of medical information now at patients’ fingertips, top healthcare marketers agree that it’s no longer enough to simply educate our end-patients about our treatments. Instead, we must also provide them with real-time access to support.

2. More Brands Are Living Their Purpose – and Outgrowing Their Competitors by 47%

Stepping outside of the healthcare realm, Unilever Executive Vice President Aline Santos dropped this truth bomb on a crowd of hundreds during ‘The Big Interview’ in which she shared her advice for launching successful brands in “an age of unease and disruption”.

3. Creativity Is The Best Medicine

Creative communications that simplify complex medical information and humanise the treatment journey were the clear winners at this years’ awards, as evidenced in the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation’s Gold Lion winning ‘Imaginary Friends’ campaign.


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