Bastion Brands Med Ed has arrived…

Issue 7 2018

"Bastion Brands Med Ed has arrived…"

Introducing Bastion Med Ed – The New Home of Innovative Medical Education 

Much like the world of healthcare, Bastion Brands is always evolving to better serve the needs of our clients, and theirs.

In June this year, Bastion Brands Medical Team was proud to announce the launch of Bastion Med Ed, a new specialist division providing medical content and educational experiences that engage specialist audiences through a compelling collision of science and emotion, delivered with the help of innovative technology and event design.

You can find the full run-down, including exciting new case studies about our latest Med Ed work, on our new website For now, here’s a taste of what’s on offer with Bastion Med Ed in 2018…

Interactive Educational Experiences and Events

At Bastion Brands we’ve tipped the traditional medical event model on its head. Using the latest in holographic technology, we’re bringing patient case studies to life – facilitating interactive education and peer to peer learning along the way. Learn more here.

Unlocking the power of Life-Saving Digital Tech

Digital technology gives you the tools to engage in critical healthcare conversations 24/7. Our digital market research methodology is designed specifically for the healthcare industry to help our clients generate evidence-based digital strategies and measure the impact of their investments

Advisory Boards and KOL Management

For medical teams wanting to get even better value from their KOL advisors, Bastion Med Ed delivers collaborative agenda planning and bespoke processes to get to the heart of your objective, leave no stone unturned and maximise the value of your meeting/s. Learn more about how we use lean six sigma to gain actionable insights here.

Offering ‘early experience’ to the right people

Product familiarisation programmes (PFP) are vital in providing early experience with a new medicine to key prescribers before reimbursement. But targeting a PFP to the right customers and integrating it into a wider medical communications strategy can be a challenge. Learn more about how Bastion Brands fully subscribed a PFP with specialist prescribers within two weeks, here.


We are always interested in hearing from great people dedicated to making a career in pharmaceutical communications. If you’re ready to make a positive impact with Bastion Brands, get in touch today.