7 Years On, We Reveal 7 Key Learnings

Issue 9 2018

"7 Years On, We Reveal 7 Key Learnings"

What we know about influencing HCP's

Learning. Experience. Knowledge. In the world of Pharma, there is little else that matters when it comes to creating new treatments and releasing new studies around well-known and trusted drugs. We know that experience matters, because it’s a simple fact that the more we learn, the more we grow. Expertise is respected in our industry, for good reason. A proven track record has been – and remains – the basis for so many developments and advancements in treatments. Of course, there is another key word that matters just as much to HCP’s, who we know make their choices around what is best for their patients, and so while experience, expertise and trust is important, ultimately it comes down to ‘facts’.

We deal in data daily. Research (often worth $billions of investment by pharma companies) leads our strategies and importantly the Key Selling Messages (the facts) that make HCP’s pay attention to what we are selling. So as Bastion Brands enter its 7th year of operation, we started to reflect on a few ‘facts’ of our own. Facts that add up to a wealth of Learning, Experience and Knowledge in influencing HCP’s behaviours. Facts we can continue to build on, and share.

The image above displays the data we’ve accumulated over our 7 years in healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing. If you’d like to benefit from our 7 key learnings on how to influence HCP’s behaviours, get in touch – we’d love the chance to share them with you.


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