An Insight into the Power of the Mind from Todd Sampson

Issue 5 2019

"An Insight into the Power of the Mind from Todd Sampson"

Those who couldn’t make the Melbourne Pharma Marketers breakfast this week or Sydney Pharma Marketers breakfast late last year, missed out on a valuable insight into one of the most interesting brains in the business. Which is why we have dedicated this edition of Bastion Pulse to providing a valuable recap.

Famous for his role as a panel member for ABC’s Gruen and having made his name in the advertising and marketing world as a strategist and CEO of one of Australia’s biggest agencies, Leo Burnett, Todd Sampson has since taken on a whole new aspect to his life and career – literally pushing himself to the limits to discover first-hand the power of the brain.

As keynote speaker at the MPM breakfast, he revealed three key factors how everyone can improve their ‘brain plasticity’ and backed his arguments with some incredible and often terrifying personal accounts of his ‘theories in practice’ as he shared footage from his successful TV programs ‘Body Hack’ and ‘Redesign My Brain’*

Todd used his own real-life scientific ‘experiments’, such as a ‘blind rock climb’ on a death-defying rock peak in Arizona, a ‘Houdini escape’ while chained underwater and a ‘sky walk’ tightrope between buildings 21 floors high, to demonstrate the power of the mind and its ability to handle and overcome fear in highly stressful circumstances.

This was balanced by some more straight-forward methods we can all incorporate into our daily lives to improve our brain power everyday, such as meditation techniques. Todd even gave attendees a simple way to extend and train our brains to challenge the norm and help us practice doing something different to our everyday routines. His challenge – simply brush your teeth using your opposite hand for 30 days! By thinking about a routine task in a different way we not only become more ambidextrous, but we improve our brain power.

His compelling and inspirational narrative was backed firmly by proven facts of science, which was a perfect fit for the record crowd of over 70 in attendance.

Some of the stories were hardly what you’d expect to hear from a board member of Fairfax and Qantas, which made his presentation all the more fascinating!

As Gold sponsor of the Sydney and Melbourne Pharma Marketers, Bastion Brands continues to join forces with Principal Sponsor Princeton Digital and the industry steering groups to support and drive the breakfast series and we will shortly make everyone aware of the next event, planned for a date around September 2019 for both SPM & MPM.

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Simon Davies,
Managing Director, Bastion Brands

*Essential viewing and watch out for the BodyHack series 3 soon to be aired.




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