Issue 1 2019


Welcome to 2019. I hope you are all feeling at the top of your game as we take on another year. I know I am!

Although over the holiday period, as I over-indulged a little (maybe too much!), or jumped a little too high with the kids on the trampoline, I found myself reaching for anything that would make me feel better.

Luckily, a cure was most-often quickly available. The hangover didn’t last long thanks to a fast-acting paracetamol… My indigestion soon eased after taking some antacids… and the strained back muscle from too much playing with the kids, was soon soothed by a rub of some reliable anti-inflammatory gel.

So my holiday was made all the better for the fact that I felt great – at least most of the time!

It was then that I realised that unlike any other, our industry – the pharmaceutical, medical, health and wellness industry – is primarily concerned about one question above all else – ‘How are you feeling?’

As pharmaceutical and healthcare marketers, we honestly WANT our customers to feel their very best. We produce drugs and devices to help people feel better, by actually making them better.

I’d even argue that’s why the healthcare industry exists – we’re concerned about it, we desire it at many levels and we even consider we haven’t done our job if the outcome hasn’t made people feel better.

We are all about feeling better as an outcome.

Primarily speaking most other products or services are purchased to ‘serve a purpose’, rather than actually improving how we feel. If they help us feel better as well, it’s obviously a bonus, but it’s not at their core. That’s what makes the health and wellbeing sector so vital – we are genuinely concerned about improving lives. As our prime purpose we want people – all people – to feel better.

It led me to make a big resolution moving into 2019 – to convince the great companies we work with to talk more about the ‘feeling’ their products provide – and to help them innovate and explore new ways to capture these feelings and touch their audiences in more authentic and involving ways.

It made me excited about the possible strategic directions this could take our marketing. It may be a virtual experience. Or a real one. It could be a brand story video that succinctly captures a feeling… or a fully-interactive, sales conference augmented reality…. A new digital platform that helps sales teams better communicate to HCP’s , or a bold social media campaign where we encourage patients, their carers and health care professionals alike to share their feelings an help others feel inclusive.

The options are endless and as we enter a year where anything is possible, that gives me – and the team at Bastion Brands a truly great feeling.


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