Marketing & Communications Effectiveness in COVID-19

Issue 11, October 2020

"Marketing & Communications Effectiveness in COVID-19"

From leveraging new technologies to rethinking how and when we connect, a lot has been learned about what it takes to engage healthcare audiences, collect data and drive commercial outcomes online.

From over five months of primary research, here are five things you can do to get an effective edge on your healthcare marketing right now:

1. Host a (great) virtual event  

With this year’s big-ticket events cancelled or postponed, now is the time to bridge your audience engagement gap with a live virtual event. What makes for a great live event or webinar? Useful, topical educational content, audience engagement through live Q&A, the option to enjoy on-demand, and the ability to collect data – through surveys, live polls and post-event feedback.

2. Keep content short and sharp

The human attention span averages around eight seconds. Short, sharp ‘snippets’ of video content with a clear message and call to action is key. For ultimate effectiveness in half the time, answer your HCPs questions upfront: ‘Who was the patient, what was their prognosis, what treatment and dose, what was the outcome and what did you do next?’.

3. Make ‘Useful’ your priority  

In a content-heavy world, we all need to be smarter in how we present our content to engage HCPs and ‘get them online’. The most effective healthcare marketers collaborate to solve real-world problems, have discussions around practical management scenarios and tailor their commercial conversations to add value to clinical practice. Achieving the right balance between brand promotion and educational value has never been more important, and creating useful content is key to delivering true value to your audience when they need it most.

4. Netflix for HCPs  

We’ve all recently binged on popular media! So why not use cues from these platforms to help add more accessibility to your communications? When creating video content with KOLs, for example, take the cue from Netflix, brand it effectively and actually create a series. It might be 6 or 8 videos that are 3 mins each that builds a complete, compelling picture. This can have a significant impact on engagement levels, and in addition, allows you to engage with HCPs over a longer period of time.

5. Strike a balance of science and emotion  

Digital channels have been especially saturated over the last 6 months, so how do you create cut through? A simple way to stand out from the crowd is by using the right amount of emotional and scientific insights. Take the time to understand the driving emotions of your audience as well. What are the fears, frustrations and desires of the HCPs you are trying to influence? How can you use this to create a compelling and engaging story?


COVID-19 has already made a huge impact on the way pharma companies market their products, with limited opportunities for face-to-face networking, education and information sharing. Bastion Brands has re-shaped a number of marketing and sales strategies for our clients, to address these problems and establish a clear way forward to help build their brand and grow sales.

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