Why healthcare companies need to own healthcare professional data

Issue 7, August 2020

"Why healthcare companies need to own healthcare professional data"

Part 2

In part one of this article, we looked at how the healthcare brands that are digitally progressive, especially during COVID and beyond, have already seen the benefits of having their own independent customer access and access to direct customer insights and not relying on 3rd party media platforms, external advertising or large sales teams to drive their brand.

These profound advantages are pushing some brands further ahead in shaping their offering, improving customer engagement and focusing their promotions.

For many, it’s time to take a longer-term view on preparing and planning for a digitally dominated future that can give you direct access to customers and an opportunity to gather their own customer view directly.


To help brands progress digitally, and develop better customer databases and engagement programs, takes a structured approach. At Bastion Brands, we’re working with many late adopters, along with advanced brands to build and roll out their customer database and engagement strategies with our 5 step structured approach.


Current state assessment and auditing your customer data: Take a look and you’ll probably find customer data all over the place – lists of customers from sales reps, conferences, events, webinars, and e-newsletters are all likely. Find them to understand what the data sources were, what format the data is in, what data points you have, and store them all in one location. Also consider if you have organisational policies and procedures, and legal requirements regarding data gathering and usage.


Planning: Align your business, marketing and comms strategies and objectives with your data and digital strategy. Work out what data you currently have, and what you want to acquire, and the use cases associated with gathering the data in order to achieve the right outcomes.


Complete your data gap analysis and work out your initiatives that could include list consolidation, cleaning, analysis, and growth. Use these initiatives to work through a road map.


Operational Plan: Work out processes, along with roles and responsibilities to make sure that the data gathered meets the objectives, is governed well, is stored and accessed through the right technology, that the team are skilled and capable, and that the pending organisational changes are well managed.


Implementation: This is where the rubber hits the road. Empower the team to roll out the strategy and operational plan, and make sure scheduled reviews are undertaken.


Truth be told, brands that can both understand and access their audiences to develop insights, without 3rd party barriers, through their own customer databases and engagement programs, are the ones who are prepared to succeed now and in future.

No matter if your brand is in its infancy or is particularly advanced in terms of developing your customer database, customer insights and engagement programs, these assets are worth investing into for shaping your future success.

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