Bastion Brands

Let’s Talk Straight

Prime Award Winner – Best Single Ad of 2016


Off the back of a successful global campaign, our client knew the time was right to deliver a clear and
honest value proposition to HIV specialists, compelling them to consider the progress made in the treatment
of HIV, and the work that still lies ahead.


Bastion Brands medical and creative team leveraged the benefits of conventional media to deliver an
unconventional message in a single page ad in a leading medical journal. Bringing together revered portrait
photographer Andreas Smetana and the iconic Melburnian cabaret and drag performer Dolly Diamond,
our project combined striking imagery with a disruptive message to provoke thought, spark conversation,
and promote a new, ‘no-nonsense’ approach in the treatment of HIV.


Dolly Campaign won Best Single Ad of 2016 at the prestigious Prime Awards.


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